🖤Podcast update🖤

It is crazy I have officially published 6 episodes of Tales From the Hook and it seems to be getting more and more popular, which is great!

Andrew from Construction Wave asked if I enjoyed it and to be honest I wasn’t sure how to answer the question, the anxious Annie in me always has a small breakdown while preparing ( I put the same amount of anxiety into most things I do 🤣) that said it comes from a place of always wanting to smash it! and I do enjoy it while I am doing the podcast and I enjoy it once it’s published but that run up always fills me with pure dread.

That said I am so proud of the interviews I have completed so far and the variety of interviews I have managed to put out there, each guest has told their own story and honestly each one has been fascinating. Michelle Hands from She Who Dares Win’s from last week if you haven’t listened to it yet go get on it, Michelle is a likeminded soul and has the most fantastic northern sense of humor. It gets dark but doesn’t all the best stories and we do what any good strong women do in dark moments…… laugh about it, well it gets you through doesn’t it 😁 It is probably my most cheeky interview to date but I was assured it was funny even if slightly risqué.

Michelle Hands

Tomorrows episode I believe will be equally interesting, I won’t spoil the surprise but it is great look at another side of the construction industry and the rise of the influencer.

Other interviews I haven’t discussed on here yet, Andy Mitchell in Episode 3 the CEO of Tideway! I am not sure how I got such a fanatic high profile guest but if you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Andy he really is one of the nicest guys ever. His story tells the tale of his rise to CEO and it is honestly so relatable, Andy talks about his setbacks and steps to where he is now, he also speaks of the Tideway project (which I had the pleasure of working on) and the ethos behind the project.

Andy Mitchell

Lets not forget Rich Smith from episode 4 a pre construction director at Keltbray who has published his own book to inspire children into the industry! Amazing.

Rich Smith

…….oh and I might have put out an episode about my very own story, one I can’t bare to listen to back to but people have said its interesting (maybe to make me feel better)

Be great to know your thoughts if you have been listening in, also if you have any guests you think would be good to interview I am open to suggestions.

Thanks, Katie 💗

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