A Friday chat with SymTerra

Looking forward to Friday! A Friday chat with SymTerra and some fantastic ladies, I will have my morning coffee ready and my vocal cords warmed up.

3rd of February at 9am

”Are you ready to take the leap from expert to entrepreneur?

Join Katie KelleherChristina H.Caroline Niven and Sarah Crawley on Friday, February 3rd for a conversation with a group of construction professionals who have paved their own way in the industry. Learn from their challenges, opportunities, and lessons as they share their unique journeys of building and growing their own ventures from the ground up. 

Who’s it for: 
This live webinar is for anyone looking to start their own business or wanting to level up their social media game.  

What you’ll learn: 
Actions and advice you can take to set up new spaces in construction (without breaking the bank or the law) 
Actions and advice you can take to create your own business and brand 

How do you join? register here

Hopefully see you there!

Thanks, Katie 💗

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