National Apprenticeship Week

Apprenticeships open doors and lead to interesting long term careers.

I am very fortunate to consider the two ladies in the photo as trusted friends Casey Elsby, Lindsey White we all did the same apprenticeship, be it at different times and for each of us our apprenticeships has led us to different paths ❤️

Casey has worked on some huge sites and is now doing a fantastic job passing on her knowledge to others through training. (They all adore her)

Lindsey is a fantastic skilled operator who has supported our company on some of it’s most important sites, in the biggest of cranes (the 1600), recently showcased on TV for her fantastic work at Claridges in London.

None of us grew up with a dream of operating but here we are, three women who all stepped into a brand new career by taking a chance and undertaking an apprenticeship!

Not sure what you want to do I’m construction or if it’s for you Go Construct has a fantastic website

Or just not sure what apprenticeship to go for

Want to be a crane operator???? we have some fantastic traineeships at Select Plant Hire

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