Tales From the Hook National Apprenticeship Week specials!

I took a last minute decision this NAW to utilise my podcast and interview some current and recent apprentices, learn about their experiences, deep dive into their stories and learn a little more.

I managed to sit down with three amazing ladies who are all part of a fantastic instagram ladies in trade group I am also in.

First I sat down with 2nd year apprentice plumber, 20 year old Gemma Ireland from Edinburgh. Gemma is learning and working another female plumber doing domestic plumbing. Gemma speaks about the highs and lows of working in the industry.

Gemma Ireland

Second podcast was with Rachael Wragg a former stone mason apprentice and heritage mason at Lincoln Cathedral, we took a look into Rachael’s job and I was utterly fascinated! An interesting look into a relatively unknown apprenticeship and job. Rachael speaks of some of the humorous messages she gets on social media and assumptions often made of her profession.

Rachael Wragg

Third apprentice podcast was with Daisy Andrews a 1st year pluming apprentice who describes herself as 5ft 4 and feral, Daisy’s enthusiasm and passion for her job is infectious! A true example of how apprenticeships change lives.

Daisy Andrews

You can catch these podcasts and all my other podcasts here https://katiecranes.com/podcast-tales-from-the-hook/



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