Tales From the Hook National Apprenticeship Week specials!

I took a last minute decision this NAW to utilise my podcast and interview some current and recent apprentices, learn about their experiences, deep dive into their stories and learn a little more. I managed to sit down with three amazing ladies who are all part of a fantastic instagram ladies in trade group I... Continue Reading →

National Apprenticeship Week

Apprenticeships open doors and lead to interesting long term careers. I am very fortunate to consider the two ladies in the photo as trusted friends Casey Elsby, Lindsey White we all did the same apprenticeship, be it at different times and for each of us our apprenticeships has led us to different paths ❤️ Casey... Continue Reading →

Can you help an apprentice?

Did you know you can hire an apprentice that has been made redundant?Apprenticeships are a great way to boost your business and you may be eligible for grants for taking on an apprentice.I started as an apprentice 6 years ago and it honestly changed my life, please consider if you can taking on an apprentice... Continue Reading →

Filming lifting technician apprentices at Battersea, London.

So on Friday we filmed some of our Select Plant Hire Lifting Technician Apprentices on a very windy platform at the Northern Line Extension. It’s was great to hear of some of our past apprentices experiences of the scheme and a great insight into them personally. I was one of the first lifting technicians to... Continue Reading →

Only 7% Of Teenagers want to join industry…………..

https://www.constructionnews.co.uk/knowledge/7-teenagers-want-join-industry-survey-finds-30-04-2019/ Hardly surprising news, ''The lack of diversity in the industry is putting young people off from wanting to join the sector, increasing concerns about the problem of labour and skills shortages in the future, the firm said.'' Shocker! I have said it a million times if young people google our industry or go to... Continue Reading →

What is limiting the number of women working on the tools?

So only 0.7% of women working in construction work in a trades capacity and the majority of these women are working in painting and decorating - This number hasn't changed in 30 years but why is this? I often puzzle over this as I do many school talks etc and the willing from young people... Continue Reading →

#NAW2019 #NCW2019 & #IWD2019 Ekkkkkk!

National Apprenticeship Week, National Careers Week and International Women's day all in one week wow! What will we do for the rest of the year? I was short on time and super busy so all I managed to do was a short video about my apprenticeship and how proud I am of being an apprentice,... Continue Reading →

What could be done to improve diversity in construction?

Yesterday I was quoted in the CN briefing that was emailed out and I wanted to just expand on the briefing bellow. I was asked to comment on what could be done to improve diversity in the construction sector and if off site can be used to attract more women to the industry ? I... Continue Reading →

”Do you wake up in the morning and go to work to be part of the solution or do you go in to be part of the problem?”

This was something I heard on the train yesterday while I was sat reading and it struck a bit of a chord with me. I often speak about the first time I went to site and how if I was younger or if it was my first job I wouldn’t have made day two. I... Continue Reading →

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