Engineering Matters – Podcast Feature

🎙️I got interviewed for the Engineering Matters podcast, thanks Will North and Johnnie Dowling at Reby Media for the opportunity to be involved. The podcast is five times winner of the Publisher Podcast Awards, including Best Technology Podcast, Engineering Matters celebrates the work of engineers who use ingenuity, practicality, science, theory and determination to build a better world. 🥰Proud to have been included... Continue Reading →

A very belated notice for Season 2 of Tales from the Hook 🎤 For this first episode I sat down with Kate Fahey who was the teen trailblazing Irish crane op plastered over media outlets as far as the New York Post, I hear about life as a media sensation, Kates route into construction, what it is... Continue Reading →


💥📰 BREAKING NEWS 📰 💥 Tales from the Hook season two is in incoming - WEDNESDAY!! To start the ball rolling I’ll be jumping on live for a little bit at 11am Wednesday with Andrew Curtin from Construction Wave any questions about season 2, season 1 or anything you want really! If not me and... Continue Reading →

Another year older

🎂 Another year has passed I’m a touch older but what a year it has been! 🎂 🏗️ I’ve seen my head hanging from two Liebherr Mobile and Crawler Cranes at two of the biggest international trade shows in the industry CONEXPO-CON/AGG & bauma and also managed to attend both! 🗣️ I took to speaking... Continue Reading →

Podcast Launch

It's happened!My first episode in my #podcast series Tales From The Hook launched yesterday, sadly I was sooooo busy I didn't have time to relay this fantastic news to anyone. A brilliant and honest chat with the fantastic Christina Riley touching on her 30 years years in construction and the changes she has seen and been... Continue Reading →

Double Trouble

Before I go into my bauma experience the ins the outs etc I just want to share this, walking around Sunday with Liebherr learning about the new machines I spotted a familiar meaty head that I wasn’t expecting to see hanging from a crawler crane lol After getting over my initial shock I returned the next day,… Continue Reading →

Featured in the Liebherr Upload Magazine

Recently I was featured in the rather beautiful Liebherr Upload magazine. Really proud with how it turned out and honoured to be invited to feature ❤️ I touch on 👉My journey 👉 The future 👉 Necessary industry changes 👉Working for Select 👉Unplugged cranes If you haven’t has a look you can have a look at… Continue Reading →

Year One

So on the 6th of October 2014 I joined the Select first Lifting Technician apprenticeship. This was a huge step for me I had spent my previous working life working in sales, starting in mobile phones, to advertising eventually ending up in recruitment. Sales was something I started doing while I was at university and… Continue Reading →

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